Minimum Wage for International Students in Canada

Minimum Wage for International Students in Canada

Have you considered living abroad? Or studying abroad? This decision raises several concerns in mind while evaluating the options. Which option is the most suitable country? Which province to choose? You will start reading about the destinations, its’ climate, international student tuition fees, work permit, occupation list, privileges and minimum wage.

Have you ever considered to live or study in Canada?

Canada is known for quite a lot of privileges. But how about the minimum wages? And the minimum wages for international students in Canada?

Canada is a multicultural country. It welcomes visitors, students and immigrants.

Canada is the tenth largest economy in the world. It has an economic size of $1.6 trillion. It is the ninth highest salaries paying country worldwide.

To be a legal worker in Canada, the individual should either have a valid work permit or a study permit.

People working on the work permit, work an average of 32 hours a week. They earn an average annual salary of $48164 CAD.

While international students who have a study permit and are eligible to work, can work 20 hours a week during regular school terms and full time during scheduled breaks in the school year. They earn an income proportional to the minimum wage and the number of hours they work.

The minimum wage in Canada differs from one province to another. The following table displays the minimum wages per hour earned in each province.

ProvinceWages (in CAD/hour)
British Columbia$14.60
New Brunswick$11.70
Nova Scotia$12.55
Prince Edward Island$12.85
Newfoundland & Labrador$12.15
Northwest Territories$13.46

International students in Canada are offered several useful resources that help them find a part-time job while studying in Canada. Universities and colleges in Canada offer help to students by posting on-campus openings on a bulletin board. A few of famous well known websites are also available and are another trusted method for finding on-campus and off-campus part-time job openings for international students.

Most international students in Canada find job opportunities in shops, retail stores, bookstores, libraries, restaurants, coffee shops, or work as a lifeguard, swimming instructor, customer care representative, or as a translator. As Canada is a multicultural society, translation is a highly demanded service.

If the student has the experience or the needed skills, he can get a better opportunity. Some required part-time jobs in Canada that require experience are cook, clerk, teacher, and web designer.

A glimpse of the minimum wage for some of the part-time jobs in Canada is displayed in the table below:

Part-time workExpected Salary/Wages (in CAD/hour)
Customer service representative14
Sales associate12
Web designer20

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