All you need to know about the IELTS exam

When planning to study abroad, the most challenging requirement is the English Proficiency Exam Requirement. Which English proficiency exam should the student take, IELTS, TOFEL or the Duolingo exam? Which IELTS exam should the student choose the IELTS academic or the IELTS general?

IELTS – The International English Language Testing System is an international exam that aims to assess the ability of the English language for people who want to work or study in a country that is primary language of communication is English.

The IELTS score scale ranges from 0 to 9; where:
0 the user did not attempt the test

1 non-user

2 intermittent user

3 extremely limited user

4 limited user

5 modest user

6 competent user

7 good user

8 very good user

9 the expert user.

The IELTS Academic is for students who plan to study abroad while IELTS General is for users planning immigration abroad.

The IELTS Academic is composed of four main sections: listening, reading, writing and speaking.

the listening section’s duration is 30 minutes. It is composed of four recorded monologues and conversations.


the reading section’s duration is 60 minutes.

– Three long reading passages with tasks

– Texts may include diagrams, illustrations and graphs

– Texts are taken from journals, books, magazines and newspapers


the writing section’s duration is 60 minutes.

Explain, describe or summarize a graphic illustration with a written essay of approximately 250 words.


the speaking section’s duration is 14 minutes.

A one to one interview discussing without interruption a familiar topic

The IELTS Academic Exam can be delivered by paper-based exam or computer-delivered. The computer-delivered is the same structure but delivered online and the results are available after 5-7 days, while the paper-based results are available after 13 days.

For tips on each section of the exam, you can schedule an appointment with the educational consultant to help.

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