Study in Malaysia

Why study in Malaysia?

High quality education with international standards

Higher education institutions in Malaysia are regulated by international standards and each institution is monitored by the Ministry of Higher Education, aiming to transform Malaysia into an international hub for excellent higher education in the world

Enroll in Australian and American universities in Malaysia

You are able to enroll in the campuses of Australian, US and Canadian universities in Malaysia which will get you the same degree at a much lower cost. Monash and Curtin universities make a good example of the Australian well-known institutions with campuses across Malaysia

Low tuition fees and living expenses

Malaysia offers students the opportunity to gain high quality qualification along with an excellent lifestyle at a comparatively lower cost than other destinations like Australia and the United States of America

Living Cost in Malaysia

Affordable accommodation makes Malaysia a very suitable destination to study abroad. The Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur has been ranked among the least expensive cities in the world with no compromise of impressive infrastructure and facilities to make sure every student?s experience is truly beneficial and comfortable. For most students, a monthly budget $350 - $400 will provide them with a rather comfortable living in Malaysia